Real Estate & Business Litigation

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Goodman, we have the acumen, experience, and knowledge to provide reasonable and practical solutions to your legal and business concerns. We are equipped to deal with a plethora of real-world business issues. Whether you are just starting a new business, and you need expert advice in establishing your business, or you need a tough, smart trial attorney to solve on going problems for your already established business, The Law Offices of Jonathan Goodman is prepared to advise and assist.

We have a wide breadth of experience in negotiating deals, closing deals, starting-up businesses, and many other areas. We have been advising clients and their businesses for over 40 years, and pride ourselves on being completely client-centric. We want to understand your business, and your concerns, so that we can properly and efficiently advise you. If your business is in trouble, or in need of expert trial attorneys, The Law Offices of Jonathan Goodman is here to help.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Goodman is unrivaled in the realm of real estate law. We have built a reputation for an in depth understanding of the complicated nuances of real estate law. In particular, we are expert counselors in the following areas:

Title Insurance
Commercial Leasing
Residential Leasing

Whether you are looking to negotiate a new deal, looking for advice on a new contract, or are a title insurer looking to defend against a claim, The Law Offices of Jonathan Goodman are the clear choice for you.


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