Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A large part of our practice involves assisting parties, businesses, and individuals through the process of filing Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Our experience in this realm has left us with the utmost expertise in these complicated cases. In particular, our experience in representing debtors is unrivaled.

Chapter 11 bankruptcies are useful in that they can allow for business to continue even through the filing process, and often leave individuals and businesses in place and profitable after coming out of bankruptcy. Our substantial experience in not only filing Chapter 11 bankruptcies, but also in tax law and business law, enables us to guide your business through the complicated process.

If you find that your business is struggling in this tough economy, we can evaluate your current situation and determine the proper course for your business. That could mean a simple tax tweaking, or reorganizing your business under the Chapter 11 law, or perhaps a Chapter 128 receivership. Whichever path the client chooses, we are prepared to proceed.


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